this week’s silver linings…

It’s Friday, it’s a new month, and despite the day starting with rain, it’s beautiful outside right now. The sunset is gorgeous, a neighbor is having a bonfire and the smell is wafting through the open windows, and there’s a nice, cool breeze.

I promise I’ll get post about other things next week, but I’m back tonight with this week’s silver linings.



I know it’s not in season right now, but I got some at the store last weekend and it was still so good. It was a nice bedtime snack this week. It’s one of my favorite fruits and each time I bite into a piece I’m immediately reminded of summer.


Achieving Goals

It’s been a fantastic week for me in this area. At the beginning of April, I set a goal to follow a fitness routine for 30 consecutive days. I smashed that goal yesterday. This week I have a goal to follow my meal plans and avoid eating out or ordering food in. Smashing that goal so far as well! I’m so grateful for these accomplishments.


ย Green Grass

You guys. Everything is SO green!!! It seems like this literally happened overnight. I was in my office this week and I looked outside and the lawn was this vivid shamrock color and it just made me smile. Living in Minnesota means we get to enjoy brown grass for part of the fall and spring and, of course, snow in the winter. When the grass fully emerges and the trees start to bloom it’s like Christmas morning.


There have been a few moments this week where I laughed so hard I was in tears and my stomach hurt. Those are my favorite kinds of laughs; the belly laughs that leave us breathless and make us feel totally silly. I’m thankful for moments like these and for getting to enjoy them with people I love.


What are your silver linings this week? Share them in the comments.

Until next Friday…

– N.


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