it’s been a while…

Wow. It’s been a while … a LONG while … since I’ve written anything in here.

So much has happened since my last entry. We’re balls deep in a pandemic that doesn’t show any signs of letting up soon. George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. Our country is in a state of chaos in general, but especially politically. We’ve been living through lockdowns, social distancing, toilet paper shortages, and civil unrest.

At least once a week I ask my mom, “Did you ever think this is where we’d be at in 2020?” I don’t think any of us did. This entire yer has been nothing short of surreal.

I don’t want to turn this entry into a book. I wanted to say that I’m still here and I plan on being back and writing on a more consistent basis. This is my space to catalog the journey I’m on and despite the not-so-wonderful things happening around me, there have continued to be silver linings and positive moments sprinkled throughout the year.

Before I conclude, I want to say this: Black Lives Matter. They always have mattered and Black people have been let down time after time after time, by those of us who are white and by our country and the systems we’ve created. I hope that 2020 has opened many sets of eyes to the fact that systemic racism, and other forms of racism, are alive and well and thriving here in the US. And unfortunately we’re living in a time where a subset of our population thrives on this and we have leaders who have made it acceptable for people to flaunt white supremacy and other forms of despicable behavior.

Please don’t come at me with “All Lives Matter,” because all lives CAN’T matter until Black lives do. Period. If my saying this upsets you, you’re free to click the X in the upper right or left corner and avoid future entries. I can agree to disagree with people on things like what the best type of pizza is or how to best repair our broken economy. I can’t agree to disagree about issues like systemic racism. This is where I draw a line.

There are a lot of good books out there for white people to read, that will better help people understand Black history, racism, and other topics like this. If you’re ready to start learning more about these things, this is a good first sep to take on that journey. (See the link below for a nice list of books, including a few fiction sprinkled in with the mostly non-fiction group.)

Seattle Times Book List:

For those who will stick around, I look forward to sharing more pieces of myself with you in the coming months. This journey is just getting started.

Be good to yourselves and more importantly, be good to one another.