2021 bucket list…

Welcome to 2021. Buckle in, friends, because I think we’re in for a long and tumultuous ride.

I usually set some life goals at the start of each year but, I’m doing things different this time around. This past Monday one of my co-workers led us through an exercise where we created our bucket list for the year. This was fun and when I got home that night, I kept adding to it. As it turns out, some of the items on it are goals I planned for this year and, it’s a pretty good sized list.

My plan is to house this bucket list here on my blog and in one of my journals. I’ll be back regularly to revisit the list, cross off items I’ve successfully completed, give some progress updates, and maybe even add some new items to the list as I take completed ones off. (Spoiler alert — one of my bucket list items is to blog at least 2x a week here all year, so I’ll be getting much more intentional about this space and how I use it, and setting time aside to actually post here.)

Without further ado…

Nikki’s 2021 Bucket List-
• Complete rides 400 & 500 on my Peloton
• Ride 400 miles in the Great Cycle Challenge
• Read 50 books – 9 as of 4/8
• Ride 2,100 miles total on my Peloton – 537 miles as of 4/8
Have game night on a weekly basis at homenot working out as planned
• Hike at 3 different state parks in MN
• Complete two 10Ks (walk or run, virtual or in-person)
• Finish a manuscript
• Try 5 new foods – 1) Goose
• Shop at 5 new local businesses
Go to Nantucket againNot in the cards this year due to schedules but definitely on the 2022 bucket list! 
• Complete a Karma card 2x a week starting May 1. (I bought these at Patina over the weekend. Not even thinking about the karma portion, I see them as good deeds that I can do to put positive energy out in the world — https://bit.ly/3sbCLWa)
• Finish 4 Power Zone challenges – #1 finished in March, 
• Surpass 15K active minutes for the year
Do 3 strength classes per week all year
• Close all 3 rings on Apple Watch 75% of days this year
• Finish a Whole 30
Blog at least 2x/week on MGW – Not gonna happen unfortunately

This year won’t be easy. I want to acknowledge that and hold space for that. But I have faith that things will get better. We have a long and winding road ahead of us, but even if 2021 isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (hello, it won’t be!), at least it can be a baby step toward much needed healing and hopefully a better year for people.

Until next time-

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