cold, smooth & tasty.

IMG_1889This is my third time writing an intro post on this blog. Let’s hope take three is a charm and I get into a groove of using this space the way I want to.

Welcome to Minneapolis Girl Writes! I’m Nikki and this is my little corner of the inter webs. You’ll get to know me as you read so I’ll spare the big, long introduction, but here are the basics:

• I’m 38.
• I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.
• My day job is upper management in social services.
• I love to write. It’s my biggest passion.
• I also love to read and have a book blog, Confessions of a Wordaholic.
• I’m a cat mom. All but one are black cats.
• I’m a Peloton spin fanatic. Cody is my favorite instructor.
• I have Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder. You’ll definitely see talk about mental health on here.

IMG_7444_OriginalI’ve had so many different visions of what this blog should be—a lifestyle blog, a travel blog, a mental health blog, a plus-size female empowerment blog … you get the drift. At the end of the day, this blog will be all those things and more, because it’s going to be my place to let everything out, share what’s happening in my world, and take you with me on this journey called life.

Welcome to the journey! I’m happy to have you here.





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