∙ Minneapolis is home ∙

∙ Tattoos, glitter, coffee, books and good music are a few of my favorite things ∙

∙ I never believed it when people told me my 30s would be so. much. better. than my 20s. Surprisingly, they were all right ∙

∙ I’m a nerd. An author. A bosslady. An Aquaricorn who pushes herself too hard and has a tendency to let her imagination run wild. I’m a daughter, a best friend, an enemy to some, and an inspiration to others. I have OCD tendencies, love to get lost in the land of fantasy (books, video games, movies), and spend my days searching for the good in everything and everyone around me. I sing at the top of my lungs when I think nobody is listening, am loyal to a fault, and when I love something or someone, I love with my entire soul. I’m perfectly imperfect and fully equipped with a fair share of flaws and quirks … But, I wouldn’t have it any other way ∙

Psst – If you like books, music, sexy men, and more, check out my art/literature/book blog, Confessions of a Wordaholic.


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