My Word for 2018

I’ve always been great at setting life goals (and breaking resolutions, LOL), but I’ve never actually sat down and picked a word to represent the year for me. For the past few months I’ve connected with an amazing group of women through social media. Initially we met through Rachel Hollis’ Last 90 Days challenge, but now we’ve branched off into our own group, to keep the momentum going in 2018 and hold each other accountable when it comes to our goals.

A conversation came up in the group about picking a word to represent our year. I spent a bit of time thinking, couldn’t come up with anything, and then just kinda forgot about it. But on January 1, I woke up and for some odd reason, I knew immediately what my word for 2018 would be.


No, I don’t mean slay in a morbid fashion, lol. I mean slay, as in kick ass, take names, dominate, succeed in everything I set my mind to, and do amazing things this year.

I am going to slay in 2018. 

And I am going to slay in all areas …

Health and wellness.

2018 will be my year.

This is going to sound completely selfish, but it feels good to be able to focus all my energy and attention on myself, my goals, and bettering my life. This is one reason why I’m thankful I’m single and childless. I have a prime opportunity in front of me, and I’m going to grab it up and take advantage of it and use the next 12 months to make life even better than it is already.

In the words of Train…

“No more, countin’ down the hours, no more, wishin’ you were here, I stopped believin’ although Journey told me don’t, before I call it a day, maybe this’ll be my year…”