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The Sudsy Soapery – St. Louis, MO

 In 2013 or 2014 (I can’t remember exactly), I visited Soulard Farmer’s Market in St. Louis, MO for the first time. (I’ve since fallen in love and make it a point to visit ever time I’m in STL … which is about every 6 weeks!) I stumbled across a couple who were selling homemade soap and other products. I got some of their wax melts and a  few bars of soap and headed home, only to fall in love with the products after I tried them. My love for everything Sudsy Soapery started with that first purchase and has multiplied tenfold since.

The Sudsy Soapery is owned by Jonathan and Kaycie. In addition to soap, the couple makes and sells lip balm, natural deodorant, essential oils, beard oils, face masks, and more! They have a full online shop that ships throughout the US and are at the Soulard Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. If you stop by the market when you’re in STL, tell them Nikki from Minneapolis sent you!


Dani Sidell,  M.S.

I “met” Dani through my good friend Lilly (check her out on The Local page). At the time, Lilly was doing Crossfit training and had connected with Dani through that. The two teamed up together to do a 30 day Paleo eating challenge and I immediately jumped at the chance. Lilly motivated us and provided all kinds of useful info and Dani did customized meal plans for each of the participants. After the challenge ended, I made the decision to continue to work with Dani on nutrition. I did it for a few months, quit because I needed to adjust my expenses, and then did another 8 months of nutrition with her in 2019.

Nutrition coaching with Dani is worth every single penny. You get meal plans, which makes life 100x easier because all you need to do is shop and prep. She works with you to customize plans based on your unique health needs and preferences. She’s available at any time to answer questions and provide support. She checks in consistently and is an amazing resource.

Dani offers nutritional services, strength and conditioning, and more. Connect with her to see how she can help you crush your goals.

IG: @atp.nutrition, @dani_sidell